CRX will have plenty of space - this is one half of the 7,300+ sq. ft. room!

August 23-25, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

Commodore Retro eXpo


Special Events!
Theme - “Retro Emulation”
See    left     -    Over    7,300    sq.    ft.    of space   for   antendees,   vendors,   and guests!      This   room   is   so   big   that   it won’t fit in a single picutre! CRX   will   have   some   special   nightly events,   games,   retro   photo   booth, a group dinner, and other surprises!   The   theme   for   CRX   2019   is   Retro Emulation.       This       means       the emulation   of   older   machines   using modern      hardware      -      or      even emulation using old hardware! Manufacturers   of   modern   hardware will   be   on   hand   to   demostrate   and offer their products. Come     see     the     all-new     FPGA Arcade    Replay    2    -    the    ultimate FPGA based emulation system!
Plaza Hotel Ballrooms 8/9/11