CRX will have plenty of space - this is one half of the room!

August 24-26, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV

Commodore Retro eXpo


CRX set to be the biggest Commodore event of the year!

Commodore   Retro   eXpo   (known   as   “CRX”)   will   once   again   be   the   largest   gathering   of   Commodore   enthusiasts   in the   U.S.      There   will   be   people   coming   from   all   over   the   world   to   attend   this   great   event!      There   will   be numerous   presenters,   special   guests,   and   celebrities   in   the   Commodore   world   on   hand   to   make   this   second annual 3 day event one that you won’t want to miss! CRX   is   open   to   the   public   and   admission   is   free!      Registration   is   only   required   if   you   will   be   using   table(s)   to   set up equipment. Display   areas   will   show   modern   hardware   being   used   with   original   Commodore   systems!      Free   WiFi   is   available for   online   gaming   and   BBS’ing!      Raffle   prizes,   give   aways,   and   surprise   events   will   make   CRX   fun   for   the   entire family!

Plaza Hotel & Casino

CRX   will   be   held   in   the   luxurious   new   ballrooms   at   the   Plaza   Hotel   &   Casino   in   Las   Vegas,   NV.      Located   in   the down   town   area,   right   next   to   Freemont   street   and   just   minutes   away   from   the   main   Las   Vegas   “strip”.      Special room rates are available for those who wish to stay at the hotel for this great event!  
Special Events!
Theme - “Modern Retro”
See    left     -    Over    5400    sq.    ft.    of space   for   antendees,   vendors,   and guests!      This   room   is   so   big   that   it won’t fit in a single picutre! CRX   will   have   some   special   nightly events,   games,   retro   photo   booth, a group dinner, and other surprises!   The   theme   for   CRX   2018   is   Modern Retro .   This   means   the   creation   and use    of    modern    hardware    for    use with a Commodore computers. Manufacturers   of   modern   hardware will   be   on   hand   to   demostrate   and offer their products. Come   see   the   very   first   working prototype     of     the     C256     Foenix project! FPGA     Arcade     Replay     Daughter Board   will   be   on   hand!      Come   see the fastest Amiga on the planet!
Plaza Hotel Ballrooms 8 & 9