August 28-30, 2020 - HOSTED VIRTUALLY

Things    are    on    schedule    for    4th    annual    CRX event!      Due   to   world   events   we   have   opted   to make this a FREE event, hosted virtually. Expect   the   biggest   event   ever,   with   presenters from all over the world. There   will   be   awards   given   out   this   year   for   the following categories: Best video presentation Best hardware gadget Best music presentation Furthest broadcast from Arizona Craziest presentation
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Presenters and Special Guests at CRX
Commodore Retro eXpo
Jim Drew - Ex-CBM employee and long time CBM developer Presentation    #1    on    disk    copy    protection,    the    competing    copier    companies    from    the 80’s/90’s,   and   the   cat   and   mouse   game   that   was   played   between   game   manufacturers   and the copying companies. Presentation   #2   on   low   level   flux,   how   it   works,   and   how   to   preserve   disks   using   the SuperCard Pro flux copier/imager. Nate Lawson - Creator of the ZoomFloppy Nate   will   be   doing   a   presentation   on   setting   up   the   OpenCBM   software,   used   by   Zoom   Floppy and other hardware. Marko Šolajić - Creator of our group hardware build project - C64 Uni-cart We   chose   this   cartridge   as   our   group   build   project   because   it   is   a   simple   hardware   build   that gives   you   great   results!      Marko   will   be   doing   a   presentation   on   the   cartridge   and   we   are going    to    all    build    it    together!        Order    your    kit    now    on    CBMSTUFF.COM’s    website    (see registration page). David Knapp and David Youd - ChiptuneSAK These   two   guys   ran   the   hardware   workshop   during   the   last   CRX,   and   were   responsible   for   the Orchestrian   project.      They   are   back   with   a   revolutionary   new   technology   for   working   with various   music   formats.      This   is   something   that   every   music   lover   (and   coder)   will   want   to see! Joeri van Haren - The Mad Man Certified   tinkerer,   and   all-around   nice   guy.      Joeri   will   be   bringing   some   type   of   hardware widget   to   assemble   (or   rip   apart)   and   demo,   and   he   will   also   be   one   of   the   team   leading   the hardware build project. Bit-Scape Las Vegas - Chip Tunes DJ   Sajtron   has   put   together   a   chip   tunes   music   extravaganza   with   peformances   by   some   of the   most   reknown   chip   tunes   artists   from   around   the   world!      These   artists   have   agreed   to   a Q&A sessions after their performances!   Line up so far: Paula Powered Goto80 Jellica Beat Ratio Sajtron RayManta Stefany Allaire - C256 Foenix Project The   brains   and   the   beauty   behind   the   C256   Foenix   project.      She   will   be   doing   a   presentation on the progress of her project, and what the future holds. Dave Curran - Tynemouth Software Everyone   who   knows   hardware   widgets   is   familiar   with   Tynemouth!   Dave   will   be   on   hand   to chat about some of his many products, including the popular MiniPET. Chris Zimmerman - 1541 Overhaul You   don’t   have   anything   until   you   have   at   least   1/10th   the   amount   of   Commodore   goods   that Chris   has!      With   so   much   stuff   Chris   has   had   to   learn   everything   Commodore,   and   he   will   be sharing   some   of   that   knowlegde   with   us.      Chris   plans   to   do   a   complete   overhaul   of   a   1541 disk drive, live and real time.  Find that broken drive and have it ready! Bitbeam Cannon- Retro gaming company BitBeamCannon   was   co-founded   by   two   professional   game   artists   who   share   a   passion   for retro games.  They will be presenting information on their latest classic games. Visit their website for more information on what they offer: Carleton Handley - Game Programmer So,   we   met   Carleton   by   (a   forutnate)   accident.      Legendary   SID   composer   Hasse   Axəlsson- Svala   was   kind   enough   to   make   the   SID   music   for   our   hardware   build   project,   and   introduced use   to   Carleton   as   a   “game   programmer”.      Look   him   up!      He   has   done   a   lot   of   great   game programming!      He   is   still   doing   it,   and   has   just   released   some   bran   new   C64   games!      Carleton will be providing a video presentation for CRX. See Carleton’s website for details about his latest games: Radolfo Fernandez  - BMC64 Have   a   space   RPi   laying   around?     The   BMC64   (aka   bare   metal   C64)   project   turns   your   Rpi   into a   near   perfect   and   easy   to   setup   and   use   C64   emulator!      Radolfo   will   do   a   complete   walk- through on how to setup the software and get your favorite games playing!
Raffles   are   always   a   fun   part   of   the   CRX   event.     People    get    to    see    what    is    available    and purchase    tickts    to    shove    into    a    container, hoping   that   their   ticket   will   be   drawn.      Due   to this   being   a   virtual   world-wide   event,   subject to   the   legalities   of   state   gambling   laws,   as   well as   trying   to   collect   money   with   PayPal   or   other online   payment   services   that   strictly   prohibit raffles,   we   have   opted   to   use   auctions   for   items that will be pseduo-secretly placed on eBay. More    information    will    be    available    in    the AUCTIONS section on our Discord server.