September 23-25, 2022

Things are on schedule for our 6th annual CRX event! Even though the world-wide pandemic has taken away the live Las Vegas event we have been working hard to get presenters from all over the world. Check back here for the complete list!
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Presenters and Special Guests at CRX
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Commodore Retro eXpo
Jim Drew A history of disk copiers and utilities for the C64 Keycaps CBMSTUFF products Designing replacement parts with CAD Nick Skrepetos Author of Nick’s Swift Copy and other C64/128 Utilities We will chat with Nick and get some history on his C64 days Kenneth Hurley Author of Copy II ST and Megasoft Shadow replacement software We will chat with Ken about the Megasoft software and disk copiers Sajtron Bit-Scape 2022 Gideon Zweijtzer Latest Ultimate news! Mike “Bitfixer” Hill New products for the C64 and PET! Chuck Hutchins Sharing John Feagans’ historic Commodore collection Kris Sekula EPROM/ROM emulator Radolfo Fernandez PiStorm setup and usage Frank Niggemann C64 Tools presentation Chris Zimmermann Commodore Drive Rundown Jim Happel Commodore Magic Projector
Raffles are always a fun part of the CRX event. People get to see what is available and purchase tickts to shove into a container, hoping that their ticket will be drawn. Due to this being a virtual world-wide event, subject to the legalities of state gambling laws, as well as trying to collect money with PayPal or other online payment services that strictly prohibit raffles, we have opted to use auctions for items that will be pseduo-secretly placed on eBay. More information will be available in the AUCTIONS section on our Discord server. One item that will be available is a one-of-a- kind C64 with a rare clear (fire damaged) Dallas Moor case, ICS64S board #1, and the very first set of production keycaps from CBMSTUFF.COM’s keycap campaign! The auction for this item will end on Sunday, September 25th at 12:00pm Pacific time!