CRX   will   be   held   on   October   1-3,   2021.      Due   to on-going    world    events,    obtaining    a    physical location   in   Las   Vegas   was   impossible.      So,   we will   be   back   virtually   even   better   than   ever, broadcasting    the    event    online,    with    virtual hosts from around the world. Please    note    that    times    below are U.S. PDT, which is -7 UTC.
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Event Date / Times
Friday, October 1st - 11am to 7pm The   first   day   of   the   event   will   be   setup   and testing   of   the   streaming   services,   followed   by various   discussions.      After   the   last   presenter     we   will   have   open   video   chat   on   our   Discord server. Saturday, October 2nd - 9am to 8:30pm This   is   the   big   day!      Presenters   from   all   over the    world    will    be    giving    presentations!   After the   last   presenter      we   will   have   open   video chat on our Discord server. Sunday, October 3rd - 8am to 4:00pm Sadly,   all   great   things   must   come   to   an   end (until   next   year!)      We   will   get   an   early   start   to our    day    and    have    a    few    more    presentations along with a group discussion about CRX 2022.
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October 1-3, 2021 - VIRTUAL WORLD-WIDE

Commodore Retro eXpo

Official CRX 2021 Discord:
CRX     is     normally     the     largest     annual     in-person     gathering     of Commodore   enthusisasts   in   the   U.S.     At   this   event   we   setup   dozens of   8’   tables   and   welcome   antendees   and   special   guests   from   all over   the   world   to   bring   in   their   retro   systems   to   fill   up   the   space   in the   giant   Las   Vegas   Hotel   ball-room.      We   welcome   all   types   of Commodore   computers   from   the   first   PETs   to   the   latest   PPC   based Amigas.   Our   attendees   represent   all   generations   of   the   Commodore machines!      We   have   great   presentations   along   with   show   and   tell   of rare,   old,   and   new   products.      Night   time   activities   include   games, contests,   coding,   archiving,   and   anything   we   can   possibly   do   to stay   up   all   night   long!      There   is   no   curfew,   and   last   one   out   locks the   door   -   and   they   better   be   ready   for   the   8am   start   the   following day! The   virtual   CRX   is   not   much   different.      We   can’t   reach   out   and shake hands, but all of the activities are the same! Join us for 3 days of retro fun!

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