October 13-15, 2023

Things are on schedule for our 7th annual CRX event! Even though the world-wide pandemic has taken away the live Las Vegas event we have been working hard to get presenters from all over the world. Check back here for the complete list!
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Presenters and Special Guests at CRX
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Commodore Retro eXpo
Raffles are always a fun part of the CRX event. People get to see what is available and purchase tickts to shove into a container, hoping that their ticket will be drawn. Due to this being a virtual world-wide event, subject to the legalities of state gambling laws, as well as trying to collect money with PayPal or other online payment services that strictly prohibit raffles, we have opted to use auctions for items that will be pseduo-secretly placed on eBay. More information will be available in the AUCTIONS section on our Discord server.
Jim Drew - Keycap campaign finale & the future It’s hard to believe it’s over - or is it? Jim will be recapping the journey of the keycap campaign, and where it is headed. There will also be some surprises shared that have been kept secret until now! Jim will also be holding a class on designing a Cartridge Port Extender using Kicad and then designing a 3D printable case for it. David Youd - EOR #$FF - 6502 book,Creative AI, and more! David’s interest in coding lead him to create a book of extremely unique 6502 assembly language routines. We will discuss what motivated this book and more! David will also be demoing AI against the C64 and probably some other things! Matt Demicco - “Retro Bits” YouTube channel One of YouTube’s outstanding content creators will be sharing info about his channel and the Commodore world. Robin Harbron - "8-Bit Show And Tell" Youtube channel Robin will be taking us on a tour of an Electronic Arts easter egg hunt that most of us didn't know we could be playing! Mark Lemmert - NOX Archaist The Commodore community may not know his name, but they should! This Apple II developer is leading the way for modern game development and will be providing some insights on what it takes to develop new games for retro systems. Sajtron - Bit-Scape 2023 What needs to be said? If you don’t know who the world famous DJ Sajtron is, then you have been living under a rock! Sajtron is hosting the Bit-Scape 2023 event again, live from his studio in Miami, FL. The special musical guests are once again off the charts and will provide hours of chip-tunes and retro music entertainment! Keith Greene - How my Commodore Became my Profession The story of a boy, a computer, and a future unknown love. :) Gideon Zweijtzer - Ultimate Series He’s back again with an update on the amazing wolrd of Ultimate products, including the 1541U2+ and Ultimate64+! Kris Sekula - Slim PLA Kris tackled the ugly looking dual GAL based PLA problem and won! See his solution and what he had to do to get there. Jim Happel - Creating a game on the Mega65 The MEGA65, a user’s perspective and why BASIC65 is so much fun! The MEGA65 is a true extension of the commodore 8-bit product line. Jim will explain and demo features of the MEGA65, show what it’s like to be a user of this computer, and argue why writing games and programs in BASIC65 is such a blast! Arthur Jordison - Creator CBM prg Studio We take a look at the history of this well known development tool suite and ask Arthur about the decade’s long journey and what the future holds! Mike Hill (aka Bitfixer) - Product Developer Mike will discuss some of his successful products and will also give us an insight into what he is working on!