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Commodore Retro eXpo
THIS YEAR’S CRX IS FREE FOR EVERYONE TO ATTEND VIRTUALLY! Since    we    will    be    live    and    this    a family/public   event,   the   content   of your    stream    is    subject    to    being edited/terminated.      Let’s   all   play nice!

August 28-30, 2020 - HOSTED VIRTUALLY

This year we have decided to use the C64 Uni-cart designed by Marko Šolajić as our group hardware build project.  This easy to build cartridge offers support for up to 512KB of EPROM space and various types of cartridge emulations.  See the github for technical details: The Magic Desk Cartridge Generator software for this project was created by Žarko Živanov and is available on bitbucket here: We have put together complete kits with all of the parts, and a 512KB FLASH ROM. The cost is only $12 + shipping! The FLASH ROM will come pre-programmed with a variety of programs, including some utility and copy programs from Utilities Unlimited.  An EPROM programmer will be needed if you want to change the contents of the FLASH ROM.  A TL866, Willem, or other similar programmer is all that is needed.  Marko will be doing a live presentation and    chat    before    we    start    the    group    build    (time    on    August    29th    is    still    to    be determined). Click here to order your kit