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How to Participate in This Event
Commodore Retro eXpo
THIS YEAR’S CRX IS FREE FOR EVERYONE TO ATTEND VIRTUALLY! Since we will be live and this a family/public event, the content of your stream is subject to being edited/terminated. Let’s all play nice!
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September 23-25, 2022

CRX2022 is a LIVE free event. It will be visible via YouTube Live and our Discord server. There will be links on this page and the EVENT INFO page where to go to start the live streaming, and connection to the Discord server. The format is pretty simple. We will have presentations through-out the three day event. The schedule of presenters will be posted on the EVENT INFO page as well as the Discord server. The presenations will be either live or pre-recorded, and most will have a Q&A session following the presenation. In the Discord server you will find “rooms” for each of the presenters. You are welcome to visit any of these rooms, hang out, ask questions, and just have a great time! We will have live video/audio chats nightly! This is always a lot of fun for everyone, where people do show and tell, work on projects, and tell stories of their Commodore experiences. This is a G-rated, family friendly environment. The Discord server is protected by Gort, the not-so-friendly-to-mean-people robot! Gort monitors 100% of everything going on and can kick you out or ban you permanently if you are doing something that violates our Rules that you must agree to before being allowed access to the Discord server. We don’t expect any issues, and Gort only had to issue a couple of warnings at the last CRX, but he is ready and willing to take control if need be! If you are interested in presenting something, please contact us! We will have a room that is dedicated for posting information about your Commodore related product, user group, Facebook group, etc. Everyone is welcome! The number one thing to remember is that this is all for FUN!